It makes me happy…

This started out as a blog about my pet peeves after another bout of NJ local traffic (I only had to honk my horn twice today, which is actually an improvement from recent ventures into the summer shore traffic).  Upon second thought, however (and the lighting of some candles, opening my windows to the soft rain falling, checking on my two new adorable spruce saplings planted in their pots on the balcony), I realized I would much rather start a list of things that make me happy.   Here’s a start….

Rainy days     Summer ripened tomatoes     Bermuda shorts     Bookstores

Ocean     Ocean    Ocean

Masterpiece Mystery     Flip flops

Everything bagels toasted with butter

Fresh corn on the cob     Movies    Teaching, teaching, teaching

The smell of woods and forest

Candles     Pumpkin farms and apple orchards     Live music

Walking by a stream in the woods     The fountains of Piazza Navona, Italy    Angus & Julia Stone

Ferris wheel lights on a summer evening                  Drive-in movie theatres

Taking photographs     A new sweater     Memories of Grandma’s house

Colorful beach umbrellas           Black T-shirts             Used record shops

Acoustic guitar     British comedies    Kiwis  and Blueberries     The National

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

The West Village in New York                  Thunderstorms                  Pansies

Spicy bean burgers in England’s Burger Kings             Mums in October

Chuck Taylors           Suzanne Vega

Rain scenes in movies

Taking off in an airplane to explore a new place

When you know tomorrow will be a snow day

 Sunday afternoon football        Stargazing            Blue Christmas lights

Walking on the beach in the early morning and collecting seashells

Helen Mirren        Sunflowers        The sound of an ice cream truck

Edward Gorey illustrations               Walking through an evening snowstorm

Receiving a text from a friend       John Hughes moviesCurling up on the sofa with a blanket         Doris Day movies         Pie

Eating ice cream out of the container          Making pizza        Peace signs

Silver jewelry         B&W film noir       Classic James Bond movies

Early Saturday morning & late Saturday night with nowhere to be

Alfred Hitchcock’s cameos in the movies he directed

Farley Granger

Farmers’ markets

Hummus               Spicy food

Stacks of books         Hiking

Road trips     Day trips

Buddha statues     Crocuses popping out of the ground in Spring

Worn jeans      Turnips at Thanksgiving     Discovering a new favorite artist

Stained glass        Laughing…laughing…laughing

The Smiths

Writing in my journal              Hanging out with a friend           My sister

A first kiss or touch               Teaching my high school students English

Being able to stay in bed on a rainy morning                   The Indigo Girls

Jonatha Brooke                   Provolone and tomato on an everything bagel

The English countryside                          Christmas Eve night

6 thoughts on “It makes me happy…

    • Thanks so much for reading my blog, I appreciate it. Yes, that photo is actually mine. I took it about a year ago looking out of the windshield. I agree with you regarding how the rain scenes have to look natural!

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