Reading and Two Movies for the End of the World

Scary headlines this morning regarding North Korea and … well, you know who. I am not building a bunker just yet, though I do always have some extra cash on hand, as well as a few cans of Goya beans.

Anyway…I still have three glorious weeks of summer vacation left before heading back to my classroom, and so I plan to continue reading and watching whatever I feel like before that alarm clock jerks me back into Routine.

Perhaps coincidentally to what is transpiring in the news, I just finished a beautifully written, poignant novel about the end of the world but, more importantly, the human connections and life questions that exist therein.  Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton circles around two isolated settings and their survivors: a brilliant, elderly astronomer named Augustine, who refuses to leave his post at the Arctic research center when a rescue mission flies out the rest of his colleagues. He then discovers a peculiar little girl left behind, and the two of them form a unique bond as they make a home in the abandoned snowy Arctic Circle.

Similarly isolated are the six astronauts aboard the Aether attempting to return to Earth from their mission to Jupiter.  Like Augustine, who keeps trying to contact anyone through his radio controls, Mission Specialist Sully persists in her attempts to communicate with Earth, though radio signals reveal no one, nothing.  As they near Earth, they notice an eerie darkness blanketing the blue planet: nighttime cities usually twinkling with billions of lights have been snuffed into complete black.

Beyond the adventure inherent to both dangerous settings, though, you will read of our human need to ask the “Big Questions” and our thirst for connection, touch, and love.  Brooks-Dalton reminds us that while solitude can be necessary and nourishing, our souls still need other people in order to fully thrive.  Nestled within the 253 pages, a few surprises will subtly reveal themselves and delight you.  And by the end, if you enjoy this book like I did, you will wish for a few more chapters at least.


2 Favorite Movies for the End of the World:

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