Tennis and Poems

Life can be so overwhelmingly sweet. A hot summer day, the AC blasting, tennis balls being slammed back and forth at the opening day of Wimbledon, and I am writing. As I tinker with words, I also make sure to keep reading. That goes without saying, as I always have a book or two going (typically literary fiction). While I am writing poems, though, I find myself reading even more poetry than usual. Discovering other voices, sifting through what speaks and sings to me on a visceral level versus what does not, inspires me and helps shape my own language on the page.

Here are the two poets I am reading today: Chelsea Rathburn and James Davis May.  Husband and wife, poet professors at a college in the northern mountains of Georgia, their clear, sharp, poignant poems speak of the heart and place, and they resonate deeply with me. Since discovering their work a few years ago, I find myself returning to both poets’ work time and again.

Check them out if you have not already…..

“Elegy for an Accordion” ~ Chelsea Rathburn

“Basil” ~ James Davis May





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