Returning Home

As magical as it is to fly away to a new, undiscovered place (Iowa, for example)…

IMG_0077 (2)IMG_0125

IMG_0100 (Poetry section in Prairie Lights Books, which I highly recommend)
IMG_0091 (Art on the wall at Prairie Lights Books)
(University of Iowa campus)

to push yourself toward a thing that is outside of your comfort zone (say, taking a writing class and opening your notebook to a group of strangers at the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival in a workshop entitled “Mixology: Writing from Source Material, with a Twist” as I did this past weekend),


it can be even more wonderful to find yourself back home again,  where the flowers seem to have bloomed larger and brighter since you departed,


your loved ones seem to snuggle just a touch closer,


and the sky paints a special “good evening” in celebration of your return. You place your tired head upon your own pillow, whispering thanks for a new place in your heart, and fall fast asleep. Home again.




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