I say something that makes you laugh,

a crack about angry yoga people and cigarettes,


and you snap your head back into the wall,

which makes you laugh harder


but which hurts like a smack across the face,

I can tell.


With our overmilked coffees we stumble down the boards,

elbows brushing, hands unsure where to go;


we bite our tongues

as the holy rollers sing and sway to Jesus,


the irony of the gay man dancing among them

not lost on you and I,


just a couple of sinners,

holding on, letting go, searching for the right path


like the line of surfers bobbing softly,

patiently treading the 5 o’clock sea,


wishing their timing had been better

as the waves fade to foam the color of piss


and the orange summer sky

turns suddenly gray.

gray sea


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